The first step in becoming a member of the South Eastern Model Aircraft club is to visit our flying field on a Sunday morning and speak to a committee member. They can provide more information and answer your questions about membership. Alternately see the CONTACT PAGE.

Whether you are new to RC and wish to learn to fly, or are from another MAAA affiliated club, you will need to attend over 4-5 Sunday mornings as a “prospective member”. This is a period for you to familiarize yourself with the club, its members and activities, and the established culture that is SEMAC. Flying or RC training during this period will be supervised by a SEMAC senior member or instructor to ensure a safe and informative experience. You may then be invited to complete a membership form which will be reviewed by the committee. If accepted, membership fees will become payable. You cannot fly alone nor will you be provided with a key to the field until you have received a club solo rating from one of our instructors.

In joining SEMAC you will become a fully insured member of the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA) and be able to enjoy the wider benefits which that membership brings. Of course you may decide SEMAC is not for you and so not proceed. 

We are a non-competitive club with no special interest groups. Instead we focus on learning and helping each other, and enjoying  the camaraderie that follows.

100s of man hours of work by club members each year keep the club running. Just mowing, fertilizing and weed spraying amount to some 300+ man hours of work annually. 1000s of man hours of work were required by past and present members to establish the club at its current site in 2006. 

The site was formerly a swamp for much of the year. Elevated runways were created by grading, fences and buildings were installed, and the entire area seeded. Over time the site has continued to be improved with the installation of drainage, winter heating, solar lighting, security systems and more.

Prospective members should be mindful that the club subscription is not a fee for service. Being accepted as a member provides you with the right to fly but also the responsibility to assist where you can and to respect the rights of all members. 

Below are two links to two important documents for prospective members to read. 

New Member Guide

SEMAC Constitution